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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

LASE releases new container handling safety system

German technology developer LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik  has launched a new monitoring system designed to improve safety and reduces damage claims when handling container traffic at ports.

Dubbed the LaseTLP, the Truck Lifting Prevention system uses laser measurement to detect when a container chassis is lifted incorrectly and is accurate to as little as 100 mm.

The system is designed to prevent accidents that may occur when “one or more twistlocks are still locked or not completely loosened” and utilises laser scanners from the firm’s LASE 2000D Series.

These laser scanners, attached to the crane gantry, scan vertically towards the truck lane to monitor the relative position of the lifted container and trailer structure. If both objects are detected to move upwards simultaneously, due to one or more locked twistlocks, the system generates an alarm signal.

“Advantages of the system are its high sensitivity (reacting fast in case of lifting) and its elimination of false alarms - both of which make it a reliable and highly accepted system by port operators. Less wear and the easy possibility of an adaption for retrofitting purposes are an additional plus,” a spokesperson for LASE commented.

Potential savings of $200,000 p.a.

The firm estimates that for a terminal operator with 80 lift cases per year in a given terminal there may be damage claims of approximately $200,000 from forwarding agents, equating to substantial scope for savings through better preventative systems.

“Incidents of lifted container chassis or trucks are not harmless and can lead to severe injuries as well as huge damage claim costs,” the LASE spokesperson added.


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