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Friday, 11 September 2015

Port of Ortona launches €7.5m dredging contract

Authorities at the Port of Ortona in eastern Italy have launched a tender for bids to complete a €7.5 million contract to dredge the harbour basin of the port.

The Comune di Ortona has called for dredging to remove around about 632,000m 3 of sediment and improve access to the port.

The project will include removal of around 572,000m3 of sediment type A1 and A2 to be used for beach nourishment and non-coastal use.  A further 59,000 m³ of sediment type B1 and B2 and approximately 560 tonnes of sediment for landfill use.

Completion of the work was reported to be necessary, indispensable and urgent for continued access by shipping traffic.

The deadline for bids for the contract is the October 27 and completion is reportedly necessary, indispensable and urgent to ensure navigation for maritime traffic

The Italian port sector has struggled in recent years due to recession and shifts in global trade routes however earlier this year APM Terminals announced plans to invest in the Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal in Italy, the largest reefer terminal in the Mediterranean.

“The integration of the Vado Reefer Terminal with our new, future semi-automated container terminal enhances the logistics options for businesses and the shipping lines calling the Ligurian coast, serving all of Northern Italy and beyond,” Carlo Merli, chief executive of APM Terminals Vado said.

The Vado port will have a draught of 17 metres and will be the first major new container facility to be built in Italy in decades. The Vado Reefer Terminal is expected to play a key role in attracting shipping lines as the Ligurian coast is a major entry point for refrigerated palletized fresh fruit into Northern Italy. 


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