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Friday, 22 February 2013

Double boom for finger piers

Crane manufacturer Liebherr and port operator Grup TCB announce they have installed two double boom ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes at the TCEEGE terminal in Aliaga, Turkey. They explain they designed the equipment to improve service on finger piers.

Grup TCB operates the TCEEGE container terminal at Nemrut Bay/Aliaga, whose 360-metre jetty pier can berth ships on both sides. So far, it was usual to use mobile harbour cranes (MHC) on such a pier, explains the Barcelona-based company, which found the productivity insufficient for large container ships. Grup wanted a crane that would be able to transport over 100 containers on or off a ship per hour.

It teamed up with Liebherr Container Cranes, a manufacturer headquartered in county Kerry, Ireland, to find a solution. The crane they designed features a double boom, which means it is capable of operating vessels berthed on either side of the finger pier.

Liebherr assures its crane can switch from one boom to another within a few minutes. The machinery trolley and spreader rotate with the cabin, enabling the operator to directly face the vessel in operation, it says. It adds the STS can work on one side of the pier while having the opposite boom raised to allow berthing and unberthing on the other side of the pier.

The first two double boom cranes have been installed at TCEEGE, and two more are to follow. That will make it possible to operate on vessels of up to 18 container rows wide, calculates Grup TCB. The STS cranes can lift two full containers that weigh up to 60 tonnes in total. The cranes will be able to work at a height of up to 38 metres above the pier, says the operator.

“The double boom crane design was a unique engineering project in terms of innovation and scale,” comments Liebherr’s Managing Director, Pat O’Leary.

“The result of the cooperation with Liebherr in the development of this crane type has been quite satisfactory,” considers Xavier Soucheiron, CEO of Grup TCB. “It shows also our commitment to find solutions that adapt perfectly to the operational requirements of the ports where we do operate our terminals as well as our commitment to invest in new technology in order to ensure maximum operational and cost efficiency.”

The double boom cranes are not the first Liebherr cranes purchased by Grup TCB for the Aliaga port. They join two Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes which have been at the port since 2008.


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